About IGOR

Welcome to IGOR, a web-based internal CTDI application that is designed to automate the work flow of creation, submission, approval and results reporting of your monthly incentive goals. In addition to the goals that are created by each individual, you will see a new feature that allows you to select from Group Goals that have been set up and reflect management priorities. Another major change from the manual process is the introduction of a single-level approval system. Only one manager, the one to whom you directly report, will approve your monthly incentive goals. The second level executive approval is no longer needed.

Login profiles including user name, password, manager, division and home branch are self-managed. They are easy to set up or modify as responsibilities change. Email alerts will notify you when the goals are due for submission to your manager, as well as results. Another email will advise when the goals or results have been approved.

It is recommended that you use Chrome or Firefox as your browser to ensure that all of the features work seamlessly. Older versions Internet Explorer are not supported.